From our full suite of high quality CNC machines to our in-house powder coating booth, we've got the capabilities to work with any industry.
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Trusted by Industry Leaders

At Alloy Concepts Inc., we've provided a wide variety of clients-from the Canadian military to wind turbine manufacturers-with quality, precision-manufactured parts. From our full suite of high quality CNC machines to our in-house powder coating capabilities, we've got the capabilities to work with any industry. And because every piece of the manufacturing process is managed in-house, you know you can trust your new component-whether it's powering a hospital or guiding a submarine.

Why Choose Us?

Our Industries


High Precision Manufacturing

Our aerospace clients trust us to provide the reliable, precise cut components that we've built our reputation on. At Alloy Concepts Inc., our team of highly trained staff-which includes licensed Red Seal journeyman machinists and certified Mastercam programmers-is fully equipped to deliver precision parts within a timeframe that works for you.

Renewable Energy

Precision Parts For A Greener Tomorrow

We're proud to say that we're helping to create a more sustainable future for Nova Scotians, Canadians, and the worldwide community. In addition to filling substantial orders for wind turbine components, we've also placed a heavy emphasis on environmental awareness within our own organization. From the beginning, we've been working hard to contribute to this vital industry.

Marine & Ocean Technology 

Durable Components With Protective Coatings

Supported by our 9001:2015 registration, our CNC machined parts have helped guide ocean cruisers to port and provided fundamental support for remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).  We know that when it comes to marine technology, protecting your parts is just as important as creating a high quality cut. That's why we also offer:
Powder Coating
Type II Anodizing
Type III Anodizing
Chem Film
Stainless Steel Passivation

Military & Defence

Dependable Components When It Matters Most

Since 2006, the Canadian government has trusted Alloy Concepts Inc. to manufacture and provide precision CNC machined parts for military use. Not only are we backed by the ISO 9001:2015, but also have a highly trained team with the experience needed to work with military organizations, prime integrators, original equipment manufacturers, and key suppliers. And because we understand the high demands of this ever-changing industry, we're a perfect partner for military and defence.

Offshore Oil & Gas

Key components for a crucial industry

Why order overseas parts when you can get what you need right here at home? Not only are we conveniently located just minutes from the Port of Halifax, we also have extensive experience in manufacturing parts for Nova Scotia's offshore oil and gas industry. With our high quality standards and commitment to excellence, we strive to provide cost-effective solutions-right here in Nova Scotia.

Medical Devices

Cutting Edge Parts That Save Lives

When your job is saving lives, you need a CNC machining shop that not only understands the extreme technical requirements of medical equipment, but also works with an assortment of materials, including titanium and PEEK. Alloy Concepts Inc. has assisted medical engineers in creating exciting new devices, making us an exceptional match for the medical industry.